15-Jun-2015 Athletes have coaches, entrepreneurs have mentors and artists have muses - consider this your very own pool of wisdom to getting the most out of your X Camera - our top four photography tips compiled by our very own FUJIFILM X-Photographers.

Above Image by Dennis Radermacher 

Shooting Outdoors Tip

X Photographer Dennis Radermacher

Get the large eye-cup. It's a game changer in harsh light conditions as it prevents harsh light from spilling into the viewfinder.

Dennis Radermacher is an outdoor photographer and contributor to Wilderness Magazine - you can check him out at http://www.lightforge.co.nz/about/

Electronic Shutter Tip

X Photographer Sven Schroeter

The electronic shutter in the FUJIFILM camera system is often overlooked. We always set our cameras to have the electronic shutter mode enabled, allowing the camera to automatically switch between the mechanical and electronic shutter modes as necessary. This allows for a electronic shutter speed of 1/32000s (versus 1/4000s) and more balanced exposure in brighter lighting situations. The electronic shutter is also completely silent, a huge advantage for when the mechanical ‘clack!’ is not desirable.

Sven Schroeter is an Auckland based photographer specialising in portraiture and street photography, you can check his work out at http://www.bokeh-monster.com/

Electronic Viewfinder Tip

X Photographer Craig Robertson

The electronic viewfinders in the FUJIFILM X camera’s have changed the way I see and create images. I pay little attention to the exposure meter. I shoot to how I want an image to “feel” - exposing the image based on what I want to communicate.

I purposely overexposed the image above because in post production I wanted to create an image that had a “etching” feel to it. The histogram in the EVF allows me to ensure I don’t clip detail in the highlights. The EVF is a lot more responsive and intuitive than an optical finder where you would take a shot and then tweek the exposure in another shot. I also shoot in black and white a lot and the EVF allows me to immediately see what I’m shooting by changing the viewfinder to the B&W setting.

Craig Robertson is an Accredited Master Photographer NZIPP, you can check his work out at http://www.fullframe.co.nz/